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What Teachers Are Saying About Jeremy's Daily Email

What Teachers Are Saying About Jeremy's Daily Email...


I read every one - thought-provoking and frequently inspiring for me.

Theresa Taylor, AT Trainee,
Newcastle, Australia

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I enjoy what you say. I’m impressed by your generosity, commitment & courage. I’m appalled at your grammar, spelling & syntax, but I’m that sort of a proof-reading person.

Joyce Foxcroft, AT Teacher
Glasgow, Scotland

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I enjoy your writing and share it with my family - we laugh at your cheekiness, commiserate with your woes, and marvel and nod-knowingly at your marketeering prowess - I look forward to seeing you there in the in-box - good eh?

Sarah Bonner-Morgan, AT Teacher,
Edinburgh, Scotland

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Sometimes you are just great! That's it, isn't it?

"I should be in pain, if I am doing what I am doing".

Beliefs and conceptions, that's all. So simple, so in a nutshell! And yet so painful.
Thanks for putting things in perspective and reminding us of what's actually going on.

Christina Groenbech, Student

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I'm the one who reads all your e-mails. I think your way to write about Alexander's discoveries is fresh and your emails often make me think in a new way - which is always good.

Marja Krappe, AT Teacher
Turku, Finland

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I read most of your notes. Why? They often speak to things that interest me, and I'm attracted by your honesty. Particularly recently when you've expressed your vulnerability about your break up.

And I feel on your side; I am thrilled that you've developed a successful business model for yourself; I am intrigued by your life in Japan (a country I know well); I am outraged at you being criticized by pernickety readers.

Eve Salomon, AT Teacher
London, UK

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To learn more about AT in a logical way.

Karen Simmons, AT Teacher
Greenville, USA

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I read all of your emails, although often a day or two after they were published. I really enjoy them for being thought provoking and entertaining and hopefully they are getting into my head how to write a great blog!

Chris English, AT Teacher
Bristol, UK

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I read 90 per cent of you emails because they’re short and easy to read, and I get an occasional idea that I can use in my teaching which I like to try to keep interesting. Keep up the good work.

Peter Barker, AT Teacher,
Dungannon, Nth Ireland

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I still read your emails, maybe not that day, but as a set when I have some time. I love your way of experimenting and putting out the things you are doing.

Viktoria Veszelik, AT Teacher,

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I'm an Alexander Technique Teacher trainee (2nd/3rd year). Currently working as a yoga teacher and remedial massage therapist.

I've read more than half of what you've sent to me. Initially because - in terms of business / writing / presenting side of my AT course - seeing how others do seemed like a good place to start.

I've found your posts engaging both for their sharing of your personal story (General openness with which you write) and insightful as it relates to AT principles / teaching.

Particularly helpful at the moment, having just moved from a unit to a house with my partner, your emails have been a quick dose of AT study between getting organised. Thanks and Gratitude

Simon Hingee, AT Trainee,
Sydney, Australia

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I like reading your posts because you have definitely chiselled out your authentic voice and I am inspired to do the same.

Bette Chamberlin, AT Teacher, ex-dancer with ABT
New Jersey, USA

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Yes I do read them. I get some insightful comments to think about!

I am also grateful for the continual 'Alexander' contact, which is so much better than working in isolation. The emails are also a continuing inspiration for me to write blogs, which I have not yet done ...on my list!

Liz Jeffries, AT Teacher
Hastings, UK

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I don’t read all of your e-mails but probably more than 50%. I read them for the same reason I read the blogs and e-newsletters of other Alexander teachers—because I am always looking to add to my “tool kit” of ways to explain things. No one explanation works for everyone. You need to have lots of them.

Lauren Hill, AT Teacher
St Paul, USA

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I open your dispatches mostly. It depends on different conditions. As English is not my native language, sometimes I'm too tired to read it. Sometimes the subject doesn't address me. But a lot of time I find something interesting and useful.

Csilla Pálos, AT Teacher
Budapest, Hungary

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I like what you say, sometimes I love it and totally agree, some days I don't agree and sometimes I have no idea what you are banging on about...

But mostly it's inspiring if you can do it every day I can do it once a week! and when you TMI and it's a bit uncomfortable I am grateful you can be so honest and really put yourself out there.

Katie King, AT Teacher
London, UK

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I read your dispatches sometimes. I open them, but don't always read them as some of the content doesn't interest me. I am interested in marketing ideas re the AT, so do read some of your emails.

Kim Susan Cant, AT Teacher
Warrington, UK

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On the whole your letters helped me to keep connected with commitment as well as to deepen my skills. Furthermore, expand my curiosity which is my nature and in this way encouraged me further to experiment in my teaching. They have helped to energize me, mull their contents over during the day and to serve as a fresh starting point for a lesson, i.e. seeing the AD as a much wider possibility, yet with a basic message to be broadcast.

Sonja Higgo, AT Teacher
Nuremberg, Germany

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I enjoy reading your blogs.

I find them amusing, authentic, inspiring, challenging and think you are an extraordinary contribution to our work.

I often think your ideas are challenging & exciting - you are like the new disruptive technology that comes along which most people don’t quite get.

We’ll be scratching our heads in years to come and think why didn't we listen, why didn't we adapt, why are our worldwide affiliated societies in decline.

We spend so much time trying to figure out who is "right" about the primary control and who is teaching the AT the "right" way - we lose sight of the bigger picture. It's not about us.

It's always about the clients and pupils and communicating and reaching out to them, in their language - speaking into the listening of the audience, knowing what they want and need.

Thank you Jeremy for the stand you are, the inspiration you have been to me - I applaud your success -

I count you as one of my most inspiring teaches and mentors, and as a result my practice continues to flourish expand and grow beautifully.

Nick Brandon, AT Teacher
London, UK

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