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ATSuccess Foundation Course

What is the Foundation Course About?

This is a course for anyone who teaches or is planning to teach and has trouble knowing how to structure and build their lessons and business. Most of you will be Alexscovery teachers, however, some of you may also be Music teachers, Yoga or Pilates Instructors, Life Coaches etc. associated with your Alexander work.

This course will show you how to communicate and attract students to any modality.

The main focus is communicating Alexander's Discovery so you can gather students for your workshops and lessons. The processes of teaching and marketing are actually the same. With teaching, you know who is there; with marketing, you don't. In both cases, you must invite a person into a new way of thinking and moving.

That is why I believe in 'markeaching' --> both educating and attracting people at the same time! 

Just search the term 'markeaching' at my blog in this website to go deeper into that.

The content of the course is available is a series of videos and worksheets that you can go through at your own pace.

To kick you off we will have a personal coaching session of an hour, so I can get a sense of who you are, what you want and how best to support your development. After that, you can join me in a regular monthly coaching session once a month for three months - this is a general coaching session on any topic. Members from other courses all join in the same session. Alexander's discovery is the glue that binds it all together. 

You have plenty of time to view and review the content, ask questions, try out new ways of communicating the work, and meet others in the ATSuccess community who are doing the same.

After three months, you have an option to continue on a monthly subscription in the MasterMinders Group.

You also can also approach me at any time through the ATSuccess Village Facebook group. You will be invited into this group once you register.

I will answer your questions within a few days of your asking.

Below is an outline of the course, and you can message me directly using the link below if you have any questions...

Click here to contact me via Facebook Messenger.

I also wrote a Daily seminar series which is quite meaty - all like a course by itself. If you're not ready to spend money, this is an option to give you a taste. It's general, while coaching makes it personal. It's an email every day - sign up for it here:

Click here to sign up for ATSuccess 12 Steps Email Seminar

Pre-Course Sessions

Once you register and pay, I will contact you to arrange our first session. This will be exclusively between us for an hour, and the objective is to set the road map for your participation in my course.

Available as part of the course is a session from me on the ATSuccess 12 Steps. The Foundations course basically covers the first three steps - Passion | Niche | Service - although it is impossible not to meet some of the other steps in the process. Therefore, this video will show you how they all fit together, and what you can expect.

Below is a summary of each session. You can go quicker or slower to suit your self, however, it is beneficial fir implementation and action when you keep a regular and consistent pace.



This session involves clarifying what you love doing, and how that could be used as the basis of your business. There are two sides to this exploration - what inspires you and what implodes you? Setting your motivation, and being clear on what drives you, forms an important foundation for all the explorations that follow.



In this session, you learn to tell your story. Students have so many "techniques" and methods available to them today. Why would they choose yours? In fact, who you are is as important to them as what you do. What are your unique qualities? And how that can be used to attract people to your work? Articulating your personal vision is a way to establish empathy and gain trust.



Finding the community where you will share Alexander's work is the key to building a long-term sustainable practice. In this week you will discover that your "niche" could be built around an activity (e.g. performing) or a problem (e.g. stage fright) or an avatar (e.g. ageing professional woman). Having all three is the most powerful, although not always possible for every teacher. In this week, Jeremy explores your own personal recipe for your practice.



What is your "Alexander Service" going to be about? Once you know who your audience is, you then need to craft a service that closely matches their needs. What are the three main things that keep them awake at night? How can you help with that? We explore your Business Name, your Unique Service Proposition and how these will attract students to you.



People can love your service, hate your product. Your "Product" is established by all these details: when, where, how long, themes, cost, dates, times etc. People lead busy lives, so you need to craft a Product that matches their needs. In ATSuccess, we also want you to start selling something immediately, so we figure out what could you sell IMMEDIATELY to start some cash flowing.



Now we take the training wheels off and start moving your new business into reality if you're ready. Not everyone is up for moving so quickly, so expect to begin figuring out your own timetable now. This timetable - which can all be done during this course if you have the will for it - involves starting your list, getting an email distributor, making a Facebook Page and throwing up some new pages about you and your Product on the web. None of this is hard, and there will be some guidance on how you get this important technical job done.



Alexander is industrial. The Foundations course shows you the way ahead. In this section, there are several bonus videos on different topics. You will also be invited to join the ATSuccess MasterMind community to continue to gain encouragement and skill building with other teachers doing the same. There are several courses in the MasterMind Library to access with a monthly subscription.


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Course Dates & Times

This is an online course, consisting of fresh new content, and live coaching sessions with Jeremy.

All live classes will take place towards the end of each month.

You will be notified by email and in the Facebook group of times.

Sessions are recorded and can be watched within 24 hours after a session is completed.

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(NOTE: Email Jeremy about Payment options if you want to do that, or live in an underdeveloped country.

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Once You Pay - What Happens?

  1. As part of the payment process, you will create your login the Kajabi platform that hosts your materials. You will receive an email - keep it, as it contains the URL and login details will need to access the course.
  2. At the ATSuccess Product website, all the content becomes available immediately. Each video is between 30~75 minutes each. There are also many "bonus" videos available on different topics which may support your practice development. There are also past coaching sessions with Alexscovery teachers exploring the same material - you can see many examples of how to apply the ideas.
  3. In addition to the videos, you will be able to download Worksheets to help you complete the coursework. Sometimes, additional videos will be posted to supplement coursework.
  4. You watch the videos, then start coursework. If you get behind, relax. Even after the coaching sessions are over, you continue to have access to the online course, although not the live coaching sessions unless you decide to continue with a monthly MasterMinders subscription.
  5. As you work through the course material, make note of any questions, comments, confusions or complaints you have - then bring them to the live coaching session that is held with Jeremy every month.
  6. Live coaching sessions are all recorded and added to the course content - if you miss a live session, you can watch the replay later.


Course Format

Although the course is designed to be completed within three months, you will continue to have access to all teaching materials permanently. So relax, getting behind is not a big issue.

The format of the course will be a combination of content videos, worksheets and live coaching sessions with Jeremy.

The aim of the live coaching session is to answer questions, not deliver content. Your aim is to make sure you are clear how to apply the content to build your own unique business.

The session runs for 60 minutes, unless there are no questions - then it may end early.

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As I began ATSuccess Foundations Course I also started my last year of AT training. 

I was on the fence about ATS Foundations because my schedule is tight & I didn’t think I had the time. 

But the cost seemed reasonable & my one to one session with Peter tipped the scales. 

That complimentary session shifted my thinking. It was like I got new glasses or something & could see new possibilities for integrating AT with what I really want to do. 

Now, after having finished the course, I discovered, surprise surprise, I had the time all along. 

And ATS Foundation provided the fuel to go farther than expected. 

I now have a plan for my business even before I graduate. 

Thank you to Jeremy & Company for helping me travel to a spot I would have never discovered on my own. 

Julie Pauls, PhD, PT, AT Teacher

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I received very many gifts from ATSuccess village. I used to have no time to really think about other people. I loved my own dream world and was happy enough if I could hang around with similar kind of friends.
Once I decided to create money, I needed to think about niche and avatar. Which means I needed to use my imagination to think about various kinds of people's joy and sorrow. When I try to understand people's general basic need, I felt some real and warm  sensation towards them. And then, I could really resonate with them.
I am now beginning to enjoy this kind of mature empathy in much wider sense than how I used to be. Therefore, I have the prospect that I will have warmer budget and warmer heart at the same time in the process of learning how to create money.

Isuzu Takeuchi, BodyChance AT Teacher

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I gained insights into the needs of those to whom I might be pitching for work - not perhaps what I had initially thought. I will be able to take forward the great games and ways of explaining the principles to use in my next workshop in 2 weeks’ time. Overall, I gained more clarity about where I might focus my attention on working.

Jenny Goodwin, AT Teacher

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Whether to do group teaching as a regular format was not an issue for me as I have been doing it for many years.  However, whilst I was somewhat resistant to introducing ‘gamey’ ideas, it clearly became evident that there is a usefulness for this in shifting the energy in the group as well as using these ‘games’  to illustrate Alexander’s discoveries in a more accessible way. I have already used this now with success and will explore further.
Eileen Johnson, AT Teacher


Before I joined ATSuccess, I had a steady practice but nothing seemed to help expanding it further, which I have been wanting to do. I was always aware I was at a disadvantage from not having a specific niche, but was not interested in traditional marketing. Using ATSuccess resources, I discovered everyone could find a specific niche if they looked for it. I also discovered Education Based Marketing that seemed more in line with who I am. Today I have chosen a niche and have focused on it for a little over 6 months. I have had lots of positive results which makes me feel I am building something concrete that will have its blooming days.
Cecile Raynor, AT Teacher


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My income is growing steadily by working in this way, and so has my joy in teaching. Perhaps the biggest transformation I've experienced in working with Jeremy has been to realize the huge benefit in niche-marketing the unique gifts that I have to offer, which feeds my soul in ways I never could have expected. Building a business oriented primarily to musicians took a huge leap of faith for me, but once I stopped hesitating, I haven't looked back once.  I am incredibly grateful for the support Jeremy offers me in creating my own dream profession - it has made everything both easier and more exciting!"
Jennifer Roig-Francoli, AT Teacher


You can have no idea how much your series has unblocked my process…All sorts of things are finally coming together with no effort on my part. It is organic as I allow it to happen. A large part of this is getting out of my own way - another very AT idea!!
Kit Racette, AT Teacher


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During my training course one of the main concerns was, “what happens after graduation”? One of them Jeremey speaks to immediately which is that of those who finish training only 5% make a full time living out of this work. My course teachers directly addressed these issues as best as possible during my 3rd year of training. I felt confident I could make it work when I graduated. 
However, it had been two years and as a single professional I was unable to focus on AT full time and had to work other jobs in order to make ends meet. My time was being torn away from my passions, I felt very helpless and depressed. I was very slowly working towards marketing myself to any population that would have me. With no capital I was struggling to create my own brand, website, business cards and find a way to have my own space etc. 

One day at my job I had had enough and I missed my school, my teachers, my colleagues and working with the technique in any way. I randomly googled my two favorite things: which were soccer and the alexander technique. I saw a blog written by Jeremy Chance speaking about his 12 step program in relationship to soccer. I was immediately excited and interested and signed up for his emailing list. Jeremey offered his 12 steps for free each week in an email as a precursor to his other programs. After those 12 weeks I signed up for his 60 day AT Success program. 

The 60 day program with Peter, Jeremey, and my fellow members has given back the hope that I had lost. I learned to focus my passion, create a niche, and research the population that I wanted to work with. I was always afraid of marketing and “selling myself” but I was given another view and Jeremey shared that it really is just another form of communication. 

The support given and received in the AT Success program is another wonderful surprise that I had missed so dearly from my training course. It is lovely to be parts of the kind, non-judgement special group of people all supporting each other. 

I have been given the beginning set of tools to create my own path, my own system, and I look forward to continuing that journey with AT Success year round. Thank you all for supporting me on my journey so far. 

Heather Dennee, AT Teacher in USA


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