What is MasterMinders? | ATSuccess

What is MasterMinders?

MasterMinders is my rebooted version of ATSuccess.

Previously I offered individual programs lasting from 2 months to 1 year.

Now, I just offer one universal program - ATSuccess MasterMinders. Of course, there will still be online courses available, but all the coaching will happen within MasterMinders meetings.

MasterMinders is a monthly program that you can join and leave at any time. Everyone learns together, regardless of their experience. It is based on the methods of group teaching practised by Marjorie Barstow.

Learning will happen for three weeks of every month, with the fourth week time to digest and catch up.

Content is provided by two pre-recorded videos, released during the month, and available thereafter. In addition to the videos, I will host six live coaching sessions. You can attend all or just some of sessions.


Who are the MasterMinders?

MasterMinders are individuals inspired by the discoveries of FM Alexander.

They range in experience from new trainees to teachers with decades of experience. They come from many different kinds of training schools and countries.

MasterMinders have one thing in common: they seek a sustainable income through the work of spreading Alexander's discovery.


What happens in ATSuccess MasterMinders program?

Every month, I will present a new module of learning. Each module will consist of two pre-recorded videos, and the discussions they stimulate. Discussions give you an opportunity to ask questions about this topic at two live coaching sessions every week, a total of six over the month.


Can I Only Ask Questions About the Topic during Jeremy's Coaching Sessions?

You can ask anything you like!

These are entirely open sessions, driven by the needs, questions, and concerns of the members attending. My sessions are based on the value that the best learning is the session driven by the attendees.

Information is still delivered in pre-recorded videos, but these - and anything else - are permanently available, even after you leave MasterMinders.


What About Past Modules of Learning - Will I Have Access to Those?

You only have access to Modules that were delivered while you were a paid-up member of MasterMinders. Past Modules can be purchased by Graduate Members individually for the same cost that they were originally offered.


What Does it Cost?

The cost of membership will vary depending on how long you have been a member.

If you have completed the 1 year Pro program, then contact Jeremy directly for a reduced monthly fee.



New members are those who have not completed a Pro coaching program with Jeremy. The 60Day course does not qualify as a Pro coaching program.

New members will have exclusive coaching sessions with Jeremy during their first year of membership.

They will also be granted access to a series of past Modules without any extra fee.

The rate is $298 per month.