London March 2018 Seminar | ATSuccess

London March 2018 Seminar

How to Get More Work By Teaching Differently

Jeremy Chance's ATSuccess Markeaching Course


My workshop explores how to teach effectively - from the very first point of contact with your student - BEFORE your student formally books a session.

In my workshops, I combine teaching with marketing, AND marketing with teaching, so I invented a new word to express that…

How Markeaching Can Work for You

Using Markeaching skills of communication - you create a compelling narrative that invites students into your mandala. You must then continue giving them a seamless experience as they join your group and go on to have individual sessions.

Mari joined ATSuccess in July. Here's the story of her ATSuccess experience…

"The courses I have taken with Jeremy have helped me tremendously to build my practice.

I started out with the Group Discovery class, which helped me to organize my thinking about group classes and most of all to feel confident to experiment with what students bring to the class, both in groups and in private lessons. Not only that, but it was a lot of fun.

The 60-day Foundations course and MasterMinders have helped me to discover a niche that I love and to attract students that I love working with.

Jeremy's Sales Letter Series and general coaching have helped me to learn to communicate and educate about what I do, and I no longer see marketing myself as embarrassing or bad.

In fact, most of my new contacts come from my blogs and posts now, and my mailing lists since I started with Jeremy 7 months ago have gone from about 5 to a total of 120.

And this month, summer in Argentina and usually "dead" in terms of classes, has been my busiest month ever, with 5 workshops and new private students.

I am learning, as Jeremy says, to apply Alexander's discovery to my practice. And I have learned so much from the group of teachers and guest speakers, and feel very fortunate to be connected with them in this community of teachers where we are all learning together."


Mari Hodges, Teacher

Montana, USA & Buenos Aires, Argentina

That's it in a nutshell, although I am sure you want to know more!

What You will Do in Jeremy's Workshop

My workshop style reflects the way I markeach - I respond to your wishes. I make my Self totally dedicated to giving you the tools you need to do what you want to do.

This makes for a fascinating day today. Anything is OK.

Here's a sample of issues we are likely to cover together…

- how to use AT "touch" effectively in larger groups

- how much should you structure your group?

- what you must do if you want to move people from groups to individual lessons.

- I don't have a niche - who should I focus on as new students?

- How setting up a student expectations BEFORE the session can increase your chances of getting them to sign up. (THAT'S A BEAUTY!)

My workshops will deal with teaching methods, communication and how to structure your practice - because these issues are all linked together.

Just as you know you cannot separate "body" and "mind" - so it is pointless to separate teaching and marketing issues. This is the philosophy of ATSuccess, and why more than 100 teachers have paid and attended one of the many courses I offer.


This Year You Must Apply to Join

To join my workshop, first you must apply.

This is not because I don't want you - this is because I want to be sure you can get the value you seek!

In the past I have found that a person's expectation differed from what I planned to deliver.

Before you pay any money, let's make sure this workshop is a right fit for you. If I am not sure, I might even schedule a complimentary session with you to become clear on your needs.

I want my workshop to be about YOU - what do you need? How can I help you?

Your online application will serve to give me a total picture of your practice. I will keep this confidential, and you get to keep a copy for your Self. Even doing the survey can help you clarity the issues you need to work on - even if you end up not attending my workshop.

This includes you teaching issues, your financial goals, the kinds of students you have now - or want to have if you're a trainee, your signal biggest challenge for your practice right now, and your aspirations for the future.






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