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You are most welcome. It makes a lot of sense to go for performers, and I will be following your evolution of this path with great interest. Ask whenever you need any help, but you know that.

Hi Jeremy,
Heart-felt thanks for your support and comments about my blogpost. Since I did not yet have a clear niche when I wrote this, the audience I was writing for was indeed other AT teachers (which is why I didn't explain anything about the nature of the Technique itself). My purpose in writing this was to put forth my personal story in the context of AT, so that you and other readers from the ATCS group could help point me in the direction of a viable niche market - thanks for your suggestions!
Writing this was a very useful exercise in many ways, and it is now slowly becoming clear to me that performing artists make perfect sense as a niche for me. I have the experience and the "insider" knowledge to be able to relate to other performing artists, and I understand many of their struggles. I'm looking forward to getting more and more clear on this soon, and later I hope to re-write (and shorten!) my story, turning it into a helpful marketing tool.
Thank you again for the opportunity to share my experiences with this community (and you're right - I've come a long way over the years!!). Opening up to expressing so much of my personal life in this public way was not easy, but well worth it. I believe that readers feel closer to us when we display our vulnerability; that's when they can see that we are all very much the same as they are, so we can understand them. It builds the "trust" factor, which is so necessary to establishing a good working relationship with our clients.
All best to you!

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