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DeepThinking - Natural Selection Applied To Professional Development of Alexander's Discovery


Good on you, Jeremy. I hope your words deservedly inspire more than upset; yes, we need to move on. Loving working situationally now, and rarely using the table. Student led work only now. Happy to be part of the evolution!

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Thank you Annie.

Great Corinna - keep in touch with what you are doing. Differentiation on the ground fascinates me.

I love your passion. Definitely inspires me again. However every time I feel firery I get exhausted and sometimes let down . It's such an extreme. I use at to bring me back am to ease and confidence.

Maybe you need a team around you that keeps the fire burning - that's how it works for me.

Bob - three members of ATSuccess have, or are in the process of launching, two year certification programmes in their different branded services. These are not "Alexander Technique" teacher training programs, these are programmes designed to support people in a specific skill by incorporating Alexander's discoveries into their chosen activity. BodyChance itself offers different modules of two year certification programs that build into a full blown teaching diploma, but still offer completion and certification as a stand alone product. I suggest you starting thinking along those lines - invent a new service, give it a new name and match their needs: this guarantees the future of the work. Good luck.

Hi Jeremy,

I think you're on to something, though I don't share your Hobbesian view of the human condition. I'm running into an interesting situation at Berklee College of Music where I teach. We're trying to build something that will offer tracks to professional certification in various disciplines including AT, but don't have the time (in duration) for bringing undergraduates to the level of full-blown teachers. Do you know of anyone who has grappled with this and come up with intermediate designations that hold water?

Hi Jeremy,
Great piece of writing! thank you! I feel encouraged to trying again some ways of working that i used years ago. Healing right now from a total hip replacement. AT certainly helps with the healing.
Thanks for sharing.

I believe in the discipline of awareness, inhibition, direction and the means whereby. These principles inform me every day in every way, whether I am teaching a lot or not. They are what I looked deeply into during my 1600 hours of thoughtful investigation, both where I fell into habit and when I was suddenly released and freed into the open places that always exist as my playfellows.
As a teacher, I no longer think about what is obsolete, or what the market will bear, or whether I am or am not evolving into another species. Just so happy to use these tools as the grand colors for my palette.
As Marj taught, this work does not have to be held strictly; not rules but principles to make our own. And she was very clear about that. I am sure that the AT can move gracefully into different creative venues including institutions because of the merits of its primary control.
For me, both discipline and play matter, and that is the creativity with which we have already offered this great work to the world.
And yes, I do love table work and chair work. For me it opens the door to the infinite, and invites exploration in what we are all designed to do; move with pleasure, grace and ease.

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Elegantly put. Love the way you contextualize the work. It's a fascinating, almost beyond-definition, principled-based thing we offer, all the more mysterious for being objectively so. Go figure.

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Well Steve, should you be saying so much? Given your committment to silence?

Thank you, Jeremy …. you inspire with your candor and your courage to tell it like it is. Keep writing and lighting a fire under all of us.

Thank you Diane - yes, getting people to shake off their inhibitions (pun intended) and get creative is a life source for our wonderful work to spread. Thanks for your support!

hello everyone - i m not sure, if I ve got all the text right, but I think I feel the direction and the meaning. My comment: it s easy. AT is modern as it always was, three years training is good to open the first door, and ther s not need to update, or upgrade or renew. Or did our human bidy change? No. It didnt. One thing i d like to say: after almost 20 years of teaching I see those who speak alot, dont know that much, and those who maybe know some more dont talk so much. No insult, but saying this into the community, reach out for the deeper level of the work and all will come. All!

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