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DeepThinking - 30 Minutes To Change Your Life


Seems like a very interesting exercise. I came in the Us in 1997, to follow my partner who got a job in San Diego. A a piano teacher, the chance to get a working visa were 0. So since I was a piano teacher and could do a master in piano-pedagogy, that seems very interesting. I also trained as a Suzuki teacher. in the middle of my master, because I had neuropathic pain, and back pain,my Suzuki trainer who was taking Alexander lessons, refer me to her Alexander technique teacher. I discover the Alexander technique, and it was so defective to mange my pain and improve my performance to finish my master degree. that I decided to become Alexander technique teacher. I continue going to school, to have a student visa, doing degree after another, and was able to squeeze two Alexander technique training in the middle of all that, plus adopting two children and taking care of them. so twelve years going to school taking care of the children, not the best situation to build an Alexander technique practice! I got used to all of that and still taking care the children, comfortable situation after all, better than going to school. I got a working a visa after I got married with my partner one year ago. However I am still on the habit of being a home father out of the real world, with my habits of doing things instead of what I would like to do, not really able to do what I would like to do. Difficult to undo all that. I like the 30 minutes each morning to undo my habits. Thanks you for the idea!

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