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Day Thirteen - This Week in ATCS


Thanks for this summary Jeremy. It is helpful to me as a newcomer.
Still I have a few questions for you!:)

1) What is USP? Have seen that term several times and have not yet figured it out.
2) How do you set up a Google add? The way you talk about it it seems quite easy but am not computer savvy ( although am always improving)
3) Some of the example with the niche/avatar distinction help me understand better but then others confuse me so am still not clear enough.

Downloaded 150 pages of your booklet then got into a problem with my printer that is not yet resolved. So am missing the first 50 pages. I like to underline and make notes when I read a manual like that so hope I can get my printer fixed soon!:)

So many people's niche seems they could fit me well and I have worked with them but I know the idea is to find something more specific. I thought of working with professional artists and craft people because I am one myself but am not sure how to connect with the professionals who are the one with money to spend!:) Any suggestions? Could that be my niche and then within that, I could contact the various guilds or alumni or???

Last but not least, it seems the idea to have a conference call with those who are still looking for their niche mixed in maybe with a few who already have found theirs could be a helpful phase in this process. Did send a call for action on that and have a few people interested so may just give it a shot and see!:) Have others before done that?

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