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The ATSuccess 60-Day Course

How to Find More AT Students

From Jeremy Chance


Do you want more students?

Do you want to earn your living full-time from teaching Alexander's discovery?

If you do, then keep reading…

ATSuccess is a community of 74 teachers who are working to achieve this. Together, we start out with a simple premise – there are people out there who will love to pay for your lessons.

And not just for a short time, but for a long, long time. You can do it. Others have.

The problem you have of course:

1. How do you find new students?
2. How do convince students to come to you?
3. How do you keep students coming?

The ATSuccess workshops gave me clarity on the next steps I need to take to promote my business. A great opportunity to connect with a motivated community of successful international teachers.
Margie Chadwick, AT Teacher

Let’s start with the first step:


1. How do you find new students?

The answer begins with you – what are you good at? How good are you at helping others with Alexander's discovery? Are you confident that you can teach effectively?

This answer is dependent upon how you teach. Some teachers are confident with chair work, tablework and Alexander’s teaching procedures, but they are not so confident helping a French horn player with a question about breathing. Or a dancer who wants to do three turns without falling to the left every time.

Can you handle those things?

Your confidence is a function of how well you know you can help your student.

This itself depends on how well you understand your student. If you are a dance, then for sure you understand about turning. You want to choose students you understand well, then you have confidence teaching them.

Do you know what your student is looking for?

They are not looking for the Alexander Technique!

They are looking to see if you can solve their problem.
When you join ATSuccess 60 Day course, once of the first questions you will ask of your Self is: what are you good at? What do you understand well? What do you love doing?

The answers to these questions lead you to find your ideal students. Students who will be inspired and confident to pay you for lessons.

I received very many gifts from ATSuccess village.
I used to have no time to really think about other people. I loved my own dream world and was happy enough if I could hang around with similar kind of friends.
Once I decided to create money, I needed to think about niche and avatar. Which means I needed to use my imagination to think about various kinds of people's joy and sorrow. When I try to understand people's general basic need, I felt some real and warm  sensation towards them. And then, I could really resonate with them.
I am now beginning to enjoy this kind of mature empathy in much wider sense than how I used to be. Therefore, I have the prospect that I will have warmer budget and warmer heart at the same time in the process of learning how to create money.

Isuzu Takeuchi, BodyChance AT Teacher

No-one comes to learn Alexander Technique – people come to get help with their problems. What problems can you solve? This leads to the second question above…


2. How Do You Convince Students to Come to You?

Most AT websites try to explain Alexander's discovery, and the process of learning it. However, students only become interested in this AFTER they have decided to join programme.

They join because they decide you can help them with their problem.

They see a benefit. It could be relief from pain, it could be better pitch, it could be ease of movement while doing a yoga stretch – there are so many reasons, there really is no limit.

Choose any physical movement that people do, and then explain how that person can benefit and improve upon that. That’s all you need to do.

Pick a physical movement that a student is interested in: playing music, sports, public speaking, office duties, walking and running, swimming, using eyesight and vision – the list is endless.

Now drill down into that activity – in much the same way you did with standing and sitting – until you can talk about it with authority. Until you are clear you know the unique problems of the activity.

Then – vividly explain how they (the student) can benefit from applying Alexander's discovery to this activity.

I gained insights into the needs of those to whom I might be pitching for work - not perhaps what I had initially thought. I will be able to take forward the great games and ways of explaining the principles to use in my next workshop in 2 weeks’ time. Overall, I gained more clarity about where I might focus my attention on working.
Jenny Goodwin, AT Teacher


3. How do you keep students coming?

The final step – once you have invited them into program – is to build a community that they will want to keep returning to.

Community is an important part of the ATSuccess model. This is why we advocate group teaching – people meet each other. They make friends. They watch each other learn. They help each other learn. They encourage each other to keep coming back.

In the 60 Day course, you will get an extensive training on how to teach in groups. There will be regular lessons, discussion groups and live online coaching sessions to help you set up your group teaching around a specially chosen community of teachers.

Whether to do group teaching as a regular format was not an issue for me as I have been doing it for many years.  However, whilst I was somewhat resistant to introducing ‘gamey’ ideas, it clearly became evident that there is a usefulness for this in shifting the energy in the group as well as using these ‘games’  to illustrate Alexander’s discoveries in a more accessible way.
I have already used this now with success and will explore further.

Eileen Johnson, AT Teacher


What Will You Gain from the 60 Day Course?

There are 12 stages to building your practise or biz, and the most important of all of those are 3 steps that form your foundation, and ensure the long term health of your practise…

1. Finding your Passion or Purpose
2. Deciding Upon Your Niche or Community
3. Figuring Out the Service You Will Offer.

I have referred to each of these above as I explore how you attract students. Now I will explain how these three steps will be presented during the 60 Day course. You will start building an effective and attractive AT teaching practise….


Step One: Finding Your Passion or Purpose

This can be very simple.

You love teaching musicians. Or singers. Or office folk.

Who (and what) do you love to teach?

If you are a teacher of many years’ experience, then you already know who you love teaching. If you are a trainee or new teacher just starting out – you need to get clear on the people you want to teach…

Why do you have to choose?

Because you can’t help everyone.

For a start, you cannot afford to advertise to everyone. That’s what Coke, Nike and Toyota do. You can’t afford to spend this kind of money.

Therefore, you select one kind of student that you know you can easily reach.

Before I joined ATSuccess, I had a steady practice but nothing seemed to help expanding it further, which I have been wanting to do. I was always aware I was at a disadvantage from not having a specific niche, but was not interested in traditional marketing. Using ATSuccess resources, I discovered everyone could find a specific niche if they looked for it. I also discovered Education Based Marketing that seemed more in line with who I am. Today I have chosen a niche and have focused on it for a little over 6 months. I have had lots of positive results which makes me feel I am building something concrete that will have its blooming days.
Cecile Raynor, AT Teacher

It will still take your focus to get into touch with these people, tell them about your service, and convince them to come. You want to make sure you like these people!

And it’s not just the people – what is the activity you both love?

Obvious examples may be things like music, performing, sports. Less obvious examples may be things like: overcoming back pain to mother your kids properly; or finding a better way of communicating at work; or helping people build confidence in themselves and their future.

Whatever you choose, this leads you to the second step…


Step Two: Deciding Upon Your Niche or Community

Look around the Alexander profession and ask: who are the most successful teachers of recent times? They are most often teachers with a niche.

Thinking about that question you will notice that there are even more teachers who “specialize” in a particular kind of student and/or practise. They could be swimmers, pregnant women or people with challenged eyesight. This is how you get clear about benefits.

In ATSuccess this is called your niche or community of learners. As explained previously, one of the big benefits of a community is that it’s members stay learning with you over a longer period of time. That gives you a secure source of regular income. Nice.

However, they is another, even more compelling reason, to choose a niche or community.

It will save you both time and money…


How to Save Time Building a Practise…

A community is a communication network.

It involves people being associated with each other because of some common reason. The best reason is because they love doing something together – whether that be bush walking, riding bikes, playing music, performing, playing sports, public speaking etc. etc.

Once you get noticed by your niche community – and they see the value of what you do – community members naturally start telling their friends and referring people to you. This speeds up the process of building your practise, and it naturally results in the other benefit…


How To Save Money Building A Practise…

A community is functions like your megaphone. You send in a message, and the members of the community amplify your message to other members.

It’s like putting in an effort of “one” but getting out a result of “five”. Normal advertising eorkd on one person at a time. With each person, you have to start all over again. With a community, when you convince one person, that person may then go ahead and convince a few friends.

See how it works?

Of course, in the 60 Day Course you will learn how to choose your community. There are many guides, worksheets and coaching sessions that help you get the clarity you need to act.

This may involve a challenge to the way you teach. In ATSuccess we call this your “service” i.e. how you plan to help the community or niche you have chosen…

My income is growing steadily by working in this way, and so has my joy in teaching. Perhaps the biggest transformation I've experienced in working with Jeremy has been to realize the huge benefit in niche-marketing the unique gifts that I have to offer, which feeds my soul in ways I never could have expected. Building a business oriented primarily to musicians took a huge leap of faith for me, but once I stopped hesitating, I haven't looked back once.  I am incredibly grateful for the support Jeremy offers me in creating my own dream profession - it has made everything both easier and more exciting!"
Jennifer Roig-Francoli, AT Teacher


Step Three: Figuring Out the Service You Will Offer

Today, the idea that “Alexander's work can only be taught in a private lesson” is on its last legs. People who believe that are like climate deniers: it goes against the evidence. Group teaching works, there’s plenty of proof of that today.

People can learn to use Alexander's discovery in their lives without ever having an individual lesson. Of course, they still have individual teaching. It’s just that it is done in the format of a group. This is necessary for a number of reasons….

Firstly, as already pointed out, you want people to meet each other.

You want to create a community. How can you do that if you stick to giving individual lessons?

Building a community is not something they taught you at your training school – unless your school served as a model for a community? (Or not. Some schools are dysfunctional communities!)

How you can go about building a strong community is part of the 60 Day course. What stops it being dysfunctional is unifying it by bringing together like souls – people interested in the same thing, for similar reasons. This binds your community.

Secondly, you must develop as an effective teacher if you want to attract students.

Group teaching gives you all kinds of new challenges: now you have to deliver your benefits while others watch. Are you up to that?

During the 60 Day we will guide you through many different steps to creating an effective learning environment. How do you manage many people at once? What do you do? How much do you use your hands? What kind of mix between demonstrations, activities, talks, games etc. What kind of games? What activities?

On the 60 Day you will be given a lot of information on how to go about teaching effectively in groups. Those of you interested in online teaching will also discover effective ways to work on Skype lessons and group coaching online.

Many of the teachers in ATSuccess own community of 74 teachers are already doing this.

You can have no idea how much your series has unblocked my process…All sorts of things are finally coming together with no effort on my part. It is organic as I allow it to happen. A large part of this is getting out of my own way - another very AT idea!!
Kit Racette, AT Teacher

Thirdly, you can develop longer term learning programs.

Once students have been with you for a while, many of them need a reason to keep coming. Your community is the place you can launch more focused learning based on the what they community is interested in.

Performers may want a program on how to apply Alexander's discovery to auditions. Or teachings may want to know how Alexander's discovery can help them be more effective in what they do.

If you’re still reading, then my guess is you want a clearer picture of what you will actually be doing. How much time is involved? What must you do? What do we offer…


What Does the 60 Day Program Offer You?

The ATSuccess 60 Day course features four main components:

  • 1. 10 Live Online Sessions
  • 2. 2 e-Courses
  • 3. ATSuccess Self-Discovery Worksheets
  • 4. Access to a Private Facebook Community


1. 10 Live Online Sessions

Over the course of the 60 days participants will receive 10 live online sessions. (NOTE: All sessions will be recorded if you can't attend live.)

8 x 60-Day Class Sessions

  • Class #1 – September 1 @ 4pm Eastern (Orientation/Step 1: Passion)
  • Class #2 – September 7 @ 4pm Eastern (Step 1: Passion)
  • Class #3 – September 12 @ 4pm Eastern (Step 2: Niche/Community)
  • Class #4 – September 19 @ 4pm Eastern (Step 2: Niche/Community)
  • Class #5 – September 26 @ 4pm Eastern (Step 3: Group Teaching)
  • Class #6 – October 3 @ 4pm Eastern (Step 3: Group Teaching)
  • Class #7 – October 17 @ 4pm Eastern (Step 3: Group Teaching)
  • Class #8 – October 24 @ 4pm Eastern (Step 3: Group Teaching)

2 x ATSuccess Community-Wide Events

  • Thursday, September 15 @ 4pm Eastern
  • Thursday, October 20 @ 4pm Eastern


2. Two e-Courses

These two e-Courses will be delivered right to your inbox over the course of the 60 days and will give you a solid foundation in the first 3 steps of the ATSuccess Signature System.

25-part series on Group Teaching

  • -Learn how to teach confidently in the group setting
  • -Discover 7 key techniques that will help activate your groups
  • -Learn how to balance verbal instruction with kinesthetic guidance
  • -Learn how to actually make money from teaching in groups
  • -Learn valuable tips and techniques to fill your group classes
  • -And more!


10-part series on Passion & Niche/Community

  • -Discover the key factors that motivate you towards success
  • -Learn the 10 most important things you need to now about niches
  • -Learn the shocking little secret of biz building
  • -Learn valuable tools and skills for researching possible niches
  • -And more!


3. ATSuccess Self-Discovery Worksheets

These five worksheets will support you in making important discoveries about your passions and potential niches/communities.

  • Worksheet 1 – Identifying Your Passions
  • Worksheet 2 – Identifying Your Niche/Community
  • Worksheet 3 – Qualifying Your Niche/Community
  • Worksheet 4 – Researching Your Niche/Community
  • Worksheet 5 – Surveying Your Niche/Community


4. Access to a Private Facebook Community

Communities are the secret sauce of any sustainable AT business. It’s the same in ATSuccess. In the 60-day course you will have access to a private Facebook group where you will be able to interact with your colleagues and course instructors. It’s the perfect place to ask questions, get encouragement and gather new ideas to improve your teaching and grow your practice. 


How Much Does it Cost?

This is basically a business coaching program. You expect these to be expensive, right?

Additionally – because it is hard to separate the two - you will receive training on how to teach groups, give activity lessons and engage people online. It’s already a lot of content.

However – I haven’t even mentioned this till now - there is an entire social media component to this course!

Peter Jacobson will be showing you technically how to connect up Facebook, your blog and make a list to build a powerful medium to broadcast your message.

The bulk of your material will be delivered electronically. Then, to support this, we create live, online sessions together using the latest technology. (The ATSuccess course itself is a model for online learning for AT teachers.)

There are 10 live sessions over the 60 Days – sessions being led by either me, Jeremy or ATSuccess Director Peter Jacobson, and sometimes both of us.

If these were normal lessons, you’d be paying at least $80 for the hour. That’s $800 just for the coaching session. However, we are not charging that much.

In fact, we are not even charging $400. Less than that.

Actually, it works out at just $347 for the entire course. That means each of the live coaching sessions costs only $35 each. In addition you receive my group teaching e- seminar, personalized Facebook coaching and ATSuccess Step worksheets.

The total cost for the whole two months is $347.

If you’re ready to jump in, use the button below to register.

(NOTE: Click here to email Peter about Payment Plan options)


But Wait, There’s More…

Did you know I’ve written a book on all this?

Well I have, I am giving away a copy of that to everyone who enrols this week.

It is available in electronic form, and covers all of the points that you will learn at ATSuccess. It is 12 Chapters based on the 12 Steps, each one full of examples and stories from teachers in the field.

Especially interesting is the first section on the material we cover for the 60 Day course. I know there are some people who want to dig deeper, and really understand the thinking behind what we do. My book will deep dive you into these ideas. I have spent the last 10 years – and a lot of money – studying with some truly great and famous biz coaches in Australia and USA.

My book offers more details than you will need on the course – which is focused on getting direct results. I use many examples and stories to help you understand why we do what we do – much as I have been doing with this invitation letter.

Joining ATSuccess is a journey of ideas. It will ask you to question what you are believing and thinking about many aspects of your practise.

One of the big questions you will face is this:


What Is The Difference Between Teaching And Marketing?

Not much.

At least, not in the way we think in ATSuccess. Both involve communication. Both involve “selling” ideas, “inviting” people with your words or hands into a new way of thinking and co-ordinating.

In ATSuccess our definition of marketing is simple: it is teaching an unknown person.

In ordinary teaching, you know who you are teaching. They booked their lesson, come to your group – you can see, hear, touch and feel their presence. You use that contact to show them how Alexander's discovery can improve their life.

But what about the person you have not met?

What about the person on the other side of your website, email or flyer?

Obviously, this is not someone you can know. They are a faceless stranger in virtual space, and you have no idea how they are reacting to your words.

Or do you?

If you have a niche, then you can take an educated guess. Because you know your niche, you can guess what that person might be thinking and feeling. You can talk to them in a way they like to listen.

This is called education marketing, or teaching a stranger.

A lot of the work on your 60 Day will focus on improving your ability to communicate.

Unless you can do this effectively, how are going to attract students?

That’s why I sometimes think of ATSuccess as a post-graduate course in teaching. You will be surprised how much your teaching skills involving speaking, writing and listening effectively. On the 60 Day you will be asked to practise all three…

The thing I took away from is the idea that business tools are a way of facilitating end to end communication with clients. For me this fits in very well with AT because it's a holistic thought and allows me to examine what's happening in my business life. I saw the workshop as an evolving part of a very new activity - the application of AT principles to business.
Kevin Saunders, AT Teacher

Our work is about unity – seeing that we are whole. The same is true in the ATSuccess program – seeing that communication is whole.

You cannot separate it into “teaching” and “marketing” – at least in our work – because the marketing is really the first step in showing your prospective students how they can improve their lives.

In fact, we will be coaching you to find ways to offer effective tips and guides that offer value to your students, before they have even enrolled for your course.

It’s impossible for me to describe the huge variety of experiences, ideas and challenges you will gain from the 60 Day – all for a cost of less than 5 AT lessons! This is a course about learning, about discovering, about taking a step from the know to the unknown.

Sound familiar?

If you are clear this is something that could benefit you, take a step towards the unknown and enrol now. I am looking forward to listening to you and your story…


60 Day Registration Now Closed